Helping you have a mental health friendly culture

Welcome to the Mental Health Gateway, a free resource for employers across the UK provided by the Mental Health Awareness Programme.

Free mental health and wellbeing toolkit for schools

Mental Health and Welllbeing Toolkit

This website provides FREE mental health resources for schools and colleges:

  1. A Mental Health audit and action plan;
  2. A Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy covering staff and pupils;
  3. A Designated Mental Health Lead role description;
  4. A self-audit;
  5. A quality assessment tool for mental health resources, training and services;
  6. A Mental Wellbeing Assessment Tool for staff;
  7. A marketplace of resources, training and services for pupils and staff.

Guidance for the toolkit is available here.

Users are also able to access supervision and consultations with experts from the National Programme, plus Mental Health Awareness Training for staff.


Free advertising for mental health providers

Providers of mental health resources, training and services are able to list themselves in our free mental health marketplace. Show schools and colleges how your product makes the difference to the mental health and wellbeing of their:

  • children and young people,
  • staff.

Whether you provide front-line services like counselling, or wellbeing classes, like yoga, we'd like to include you. Just register today.

Managers, leaders and senior staff

Are able to access free resources, supervision and mentoring, in addition to accessing the marketplace.

Mental Health Awareness Programme

Participants in the Programme have unlimited access to all of the resources from the Programme and the rest of the portal.